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TUE, OCTOBER 20, 2009

That News Called Fox

Recently, I've taken some hits for my War on Fox News. Some journalists have actually implied that I am acting childishly. I AM NOT BEING CHILDISH!!!!!!

WED, OCTOBER 28, 2009

Trick or Treat

I love Halloween. That's why in a spirit of openness and transparency, I've decided to invite trick-or-treaters to come to the White House on Saturday night.


Fixing Tuesday's Election Results

I've publicly stated that Tuesday's Republican gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia have nothing to do with my Administration. Just some local people voting on local issues in a local election. Still.

FRI, NOVEMBER 13, 2009

My TP Tussle

I'd like to thank ABC News for breaking the important story today on the existence of "Obama Toilet Paper" in Japan.

MON, NOVEMBER 16, 2009

China Cheers

I arrived in China today, the third country on my Asian tour. The Chinese citizens love me here! Just like the glory days of my Presidential Campaign.

FRI, NOVEMBER 20, 2009

Aloha APEC

It's great to be home from my triumphant four country Asian tour. One of the highlights of my trip was attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Singapore.

TUE, NOVEMBER 24, 2009

No Turkey Pardon

It's a Presidential tradition to pardon a turkey every Thanksgiving. As decisions go, this one is usually a no-brainer.

FRI, NOVEMBER 27, 2009

Shop America

Today is Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. What our ailing economy needs right now is for all Americans to shop 'til they drop.

SAT, NOVEMBER 28, 2009

Who Let in the Party Crashers?

Regarding the Virginia couple that crashed the State Dinner the other night: I ordered a full-scale investigation on how the couple obtained access to the White House. The results are in.


The Third Party Crasher

The Secret Service's investigation into the security events surrounding the Indian State Dinner on November 24, 2009, has revealed that a third individual, who was not on the White House guest list, entered the State Dinner.


My Royal Norwegian Snub

I can't seem to cut a break these days. First my approval rating slips to an all-time low and now the Norwegians are mad at me for snubbing their King. What did they expect?

SUN, DECEMBER 13, 2009

A Giant Leap Back

For more than a half-century, NASA has explored our final frontier and transformed humankind’s understanding of our planet and its place in the universe. Well, no more.

WED, DECEMBER 30, 2009

Tweet Scrubber

Like many Americans, I enjoy going on Twitter to see what people are talking about. It's real-time and it's exciting. I have a secret Twitter account that lets me see what all Americans are tweeting. The only problem is that sometimes there is stuff flowing that I would rather not see.

FRI, JANUARY 8, 2010

Beware of Imposters

Recently, the existence of a fake White House website has come to my attention. You should visit that site so you can beware of the falsehoods. The spurious site can be found at

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