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APEC Hawaii 2011



Hula Dancer Wins the APEC Hawaii 2011 Costume Vote


This official photo was taken just prior to the APEC 2011 Leaders' Reception and Dinner on Saturday, November 12th at the Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki.


About the APEC Costume Vote

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a framework for 21 Pacific Rim countries to promote economic cooperation and free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The highlight of the annual summit is the parade of the APEC leaders wearing the designated "national dress" of the host nation. The leader of the host country decides on a traditional local costume to be worn by the leaders for the official group photo.

In a spirit of openness and transparency, President Obama decided to leave this important choice up to the American People. The White House carefully chose the following three options for the Official APEC 2011 USA Leaders Attire: Aloha Attire; Hula Dancer; and Wet Suit. The Hula Dancer was the number one choice of the American People.


APEC Hawaii 2011 leaders costumes


APEC Costume Photo Gallery (2000-2009)

Here is a photo gallery of past APEC Conferences. As you can see, the APEC leaders clearly enjoy posing for the traditional "silly shirts" photo and are good sports despite some dubious choices made over the years.


APEC leaders wearing costumes


2010 APEC Costume Disappointment

Unfortunately, in 2010, the world was bitterly disappointed when the annual APEC Summit held in Japan had no traditional costumes for the leaders to wear.


Protests were held when the APEC leaders did not wear costumes at the 2010 APEC Summit in Japan


2011 APEC Leaders Gift

APEC Hawaii 2011 leaders gift
Each year, the participants of the APEC Summit look forward to receiving the "Leaders Gift" from the host country. The gifts are locally made and are unique to the location of the summit.

For APEC 2011 USA, an exquisite APEC Leaders Commemorative Bobble Head was commissioned for the official Leaders Gift. Leaders received a surfer bobble head in their own likeness, along with a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts and a bumper sticker.


APEC Hawaii Hospitality Gift Bags

In an unprecedented effort to showcase the aloha spirit and hospitality of Hawaii, 11,000 visiting government officials, business leaders and global media received an APEC Hawaii gift bag loaded with locally-produced products and souvenirs. The featured item in the gift bag was the APEC Hawaii 2011 Leaders shirt, a locally-designed aloha shirt decorated with plumeria flowers and APEC Leader heads. These shirts will become available for purchase on oBay by the general public following the summit.


APEC Hawaii Gift Bag APEC Hawaii 2011 Leaders Shirt



APEC Protests in Hawaii

The White House understands that not everyone feels the way we do about APEC. In a spirit of openness and transparency, we are proud to offer these alternative views of APEC Hawaii 2011: APEC Hawaii 2011 Protest Shirt and sign


            - Occupy APEC


            - APEC Sucks


            - World Can't Wait - Hawaii


            - alternaAPEC


            - Moana Nui


            - Eating in Public



Entertainment at APEC 2011 Hawaii

Hawaiian singer Makana was invited to entertain the 21 World Leaders and their guests at the Leaders' Reception and Dinner. Mahalo, Makana for a memorable performance.




President Obama wearing his APEC Hawaii 2011 shirt

APEC 2011 in Honolulu

In 2009, President Obama announced the location of the 2011 Summit to the APEC members gathered in Singapore: "I look forward to seeing you all decked out in flowered shirts and grass skirts, because today I'm announcing that we are bringing this forum to my home state of Hawaii in 2011."


Counting Down to APEC 2011 in Honolulu Hawaii



About the Logo

Hawaii 2011 logo with flower and globe - parody
The logo was designed to represent the 21 participating Member economies while incorporating natural elements from the location of this event. The centerpiece of the logo is Hawaii's state flower, the yellow hibiscus. It represents the beauty of economic freedom and fairness; a celebration of openness and transparency.

Behind the flower, is a cage; its colorful bars playfully crisscross one another to form the illusion of a globe. The cage struggles to contain the flower, but fails. The cage represents the Member economies that are less open, less transparent, less free. The three curves along the bottom represent the waves of the Pacific Ocean and serve as a reminder of our responsibility towards the environment.


APEC Members

APEC has 21 members: Australia; Brunei; Canada; Chile; People's Republic of China; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan; Republic of Korea; Malaysia; Mexico; New Zealand; Papua New Guinea; Peru; Philippines; Russia; Singapore; Chinese Taipei; Thailand; United States; and Viet Nam.

Map of APEC countries - APEC member list



APEC Russia 2012

President Obama is looking forward to donning his official APEC Leaders costume again next year at the 2012 APEC Summit in Vladivostok, Russia.


APEC 2012 in Russia - President Obama wearing APEC costume APEC Russia 2012 Vladivostok - Russian national dress



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