Cyber Warfare Command and Control System (CWCCS)


System Usage Statement:  The Cyber Warfare Command and Control System has been developed by the Cyber PsyOps Division of the U.S. Cyber Warfare Command at Fort Meade to provide the Commander-in-Chief the operational capability of defacing the public websites of his adversaries while maintaining plausible deniability.















In the spirit of openness and transparency, the White House is pleased to share our highly successful cyber weapons program with the American People. The crowning achievement of this ambitious cyber war project has been our Stuxnet virus, which destroyed over a thousand Iranian centrifuges causing a major setback in their nuclear development program.

White House cyber attack

The success of this classified project, code-named "Olympic Games", has led to the creation of the new Cyber Warfare Command group located at the National Security Agency. The "cyber-warriors" there are working around the clock developing an arsenal of worms, viruses, and beacons ready to be deployed at a moment's notice.


Presidential Cyberwar Authority

In October 2012, President Obama signed the top-secret Presidential Policy Directive 20, which enabled the military to aggressively initiate and thwart cyber­attacks related our nation's security. While most of the cyber attack targets are network systems or infrastructure-based, an elite Psychological Operations (PsyOps) team has focused its efforts on secretly defacing the public websites of our adversaries. Due to the high visibility and sensitive nature of this activity, only President Obama has the authority to target and launch these types of attacks.

The President authorizes these attacks using the global Cyber Warfare Command and Control System (CWCCS), which is accessible from this web page only from the President's authorized computer.