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Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 at 8:10 am

That News Called Fox

Fox holding Obama photo

Recently, I've taken some hits for my War on Fox News. Some journalists have actually implied that I am acting childishly.   I AM NOT BEING CHILDISH!!!!!!!!!!!

That news called FOX!
That news called FOX!
I do not like that news called FOX!

I cannot watch them on the air!
I cannot watch them anywhere!

Would I? Could I? On Sunday?
I would not, could not on Sunday.
I would not watch them any day!

I do not like that man called Beck.
I do not like when they fact check.

Make them stop, Anita Dunn!
Don't you stop until we've won.
As President I get to pick
The news reporters in my clique!

I do not like FOX on the air.
I do not like FOX ANYWHERE!

SO THERE!   Childish... Harrummph!


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