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White House Overnight Guest Program



White House badge - parody

Exploring the White House

Perhaps the most exciting part of the Overnight Guest Program is the unprecedented access guests will have to all areas of the White House. At 7PM, guests will be allowed entry via the prestigious West Wing Entrance. The Secret Service will assist you in finding your room.

After you are settled in, you are free to roam the halls for a self-guided tour. Detailed maps will be provided for your convenience. Be sure to wear the special "O" badge at all times. This will identify you as an Overnight Guest with Level-4 access. Note: Some areas of the White House require knowledge of a daily access password. You will receive this password upon check-in. Be sure to memorize it.


Photos taken by a recent participant in the Overnight Guest Program

  • West Wing foyer entry

    Your overnight stay begins at the West Wing Entrance

  • White House East Sitting Hall

    The East Sitting Hall - outside the Queen's Bedroom

  • upstairs White House Residence - central hall

    The center hallway in the upstairs Residence

  • White House residence - living room - parody

    Small living room outside the President's Master Bedroom

  • White House residence - dining room

    Private family dining room on the 2nd floor of the Residence

  • White House staircase

    Looking down the staircase from the upstairs of the Residence

  • White House library

    You can visit the library on the ground floor of the Residence

  • White House marble staircase

    Stairway up to First Floor of Residence

  • Oval Office

    If the Oval Office is empty, this is a great photo opportunity

  • Outer Oval Office candy drawer

    Hint... the souvenir candy stash is kept in the 3rd middle drawer

  • West Wing photos in hallway - parody

    Take time to look at the recent photos hanging in the hallways of the West Wing

  • White House press briefing room

    It's fun to pretend you are the Press Secretary

  • White House bowling alley

    There is no charge to use the White House bowling alley

  • White House movie theater

    All of the latest movies are available for viewing here

  • White House Situation Room

    If not in use, be sure to visit the large conference room in the Situation Room

  • Watch Floor - White House Situation Room - parody

    Please be quiet when passing through the busy Watch Floor of the Situation Room

  • Superman phone tubes - White House Situation Room

    You can make your private phone calls in here

  • White House Rose Garden

    Nice view of the Rose Garden from a West Wing office window

  • Marine One departing

    If you're lucky, you might see Marine One

  • White House swimming pool

    Underground access to pool is from the West Wing

  • White House basketball court

    Shoot some hoops at the basketball court outside


Choose your guest room

Our luxurious accommodations are furnished with fine antiques and historic Presidential beds. Thick white towels and Aveda hair products are provided.

The White House Queen's Bedroom

The Queen's Bedroom
Named for the many royal guests including Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Queen Sonja of Norway, and Queen Sofía of Spain, this richly decorated room is furnished in the Federal Style evoking an early-19th-century New England bedroom featuring the bed of Andrew Jackson.

The armchair, bed hanging and drapery silks are all Scalamandré exclusives. Decorated with period art work and colored prints worthy of the most discerning collector. The room also has a sitting area with full-size sofa and chair, writing desk, and inlaid armoire. Great view of the North Lawn! Bath has Jacuzzi tub and shower with separate dressing area.

The White House Lincoln Bedroom

The Lincoln Bedroom
Artfully restored incorporating Lincoln period details such as window cornices and mantel. The centerpiece of the room is the 8-foot by 6-foot Rosewood Lincoln bed.

The gilded carved bed canopy is in the shape of a crown with flowing yards of regal purple satin over white lace trailing to the floor. The bed hanging satin, drapery silk, tassels and tiebacks are Scalamandré exclusives. The furniture used by the Lincoln Administration includes the sofa and three matching chairs, two slipper chairs, and four of Lincoln's Cabinet chairs.

Guests staying in the Lincoln Bedroom will have the use of the Lincoln bathroom, installed during the Truman presidency, with pale green opaque glass tiles and a mirrored dome ceiling light. The spacious tub has an elegant sandblasted etching of a Presidential eagle.


What's included in Overnight Guest Program

  • One night stay in either the Queen's Bedroom or the Lincoln Bedroom (7PM - 11AM)
  • Commemorative photo taken by Official White House Photographer
  • Use of the library, bowling alley, movie theater, swimming pool, and basketball court
  • Breakfast in the family dining room
  • Self-guided tour throughout the White House complex. Photos allowed, but no videos please.
    Note: Access to the underground tunnels, hidden staircases, and the First Family's bedrooms is restricted.
Note: The President has priority use of all of the above amenities. Please respect his privacy. Guests will be issued a detailed Presidential Schedule of Daily Activities so they may plan accordingly.



As the First Lady recently said about the White House: "I hope we've done a good job of bringing even more people to this place—people who never thought they were connected to this history. Just increasing that curiosity that this White House is yours, everyone's: It doesn't belong to a set of special people who have access and privilege. It's everyone's house, at every age. So come, use this place, walk in the doors. Feel like it's your museum."

Rooms may be reserved up to eight months in advance. Room rates (including breakfast) are $400 per night double occupancy. In order to maximize the number of guests served, rooms may only be reserved for a single night. Reservations are accepted on a first come first served basis by clicking here.

Additional information regarding parking, security, etc. will be sent out upon confirmation.


Security Information

All guests will be required to go through a security screening process. The following items are prohibited:

  • Outside food and beverages of any kind
  • Cigars, pipes, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, chewing gum
  • Video recorders
  • Knives of any size
  • Aerosols
  • Extraordinarily strong perfume
  • Fireworks/smoke bombs
  • Animals
  • Real or simulated guns/ammunition
  • Mace, electric stun guns, martial arts weapons, slingshots
U.S. Secret Service reserves the right to prohibit any other personal items.



Nope, this is not the official website of The White House. It's a parody of  No person, department, or agency of the U.S. Government approved, endorsed, or authorized this site. No animals were harmed while making this website (except maybe that one time when I was a little late feeding my dog his dinner).
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