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Glenn Beck crying over President Obama again
Friday, September 4th, 2009 at 11:25 am

My Secret Tuesday Plot

Next Tuesday, I plan to deliver a televised back-to-school speech to the nation's students. What better way to start off the school year? Or so I thought.

If you are part of that special breed of Americans who get their news from Glenn Beck or from #TCOT tweets on Twitter, you are already aware of my secret plot to indoctrinate your children.

By the time I'm done with your kids, they will be pledging their allegiance to me; dumping their toy guns; and sending in their weekly allowance to my re-election campaign all while wearing their freshly-painted HOPE FOR CHANGE badges.

And I thought I was going to talk about the importance of studying hard and staying in school.

What I won't be able to do on Tuesday however, is explain the twisted logic of the parents who kept their children home that day because of my speech.

That's something even I don't understand.

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